Frank Moldstad
-- Vice President, Editorial
Frank Moldstad has more than 20 years' experience as a magazine editor and writer. He has been Editor-in-Chief of numerous trade magazines, including DCC Magazine, PC Graphics & Video, Digital Studio, Video Store, and Home Satellite, and prior to that was a newspaper reporter. He also served as Group Editor of Advanstar Communications' Santa Ana, CA, office, where 14 of the Cleveland, OH-based company's business-to-business magazines are published.
Moldstad’s duties at Digital Media Online include overseeing the creation and development of web communities catering to professionals working with digital video and audio, animation, DVD authoring, graphics, broadcast television and radio, and CAD. The more than 35 web communities that make up Digital Media Net are updated daily with news, features, and tutorials, with extensive online User Groups allied to every site. Moldstad also maintains digitalmedianet.com, a gateway to all the company's sites.

David Nagel -- Executive Producer, creativemac.com
In his long and illustrious career in print publishing, Dave has held a number of management and editorial positions on magazines dealing with everything from video retailing to Web retailing to print and television direct marketing. In his last foray in print publishing, Nagel was editor in chief of Response and Web Merchant magazines, where he wrote about and spoke on topics like commercial production, Web site design, customer service and other marketing-related issues. In his new role at Digital Media Online, he heads up Creative Mac and hosts two World Wide User Groups--Creative Mac and Adobe InDesign. Nagel is a Mac fanatic from way back and has expertise in numerous Mac DTP, multimedia and graphics programs. As an Executive Producer, Dave oversees one of Digital Media Net's site clusters, including the following sites: PresentationMaster.com, Video Systems.com, DigitalWebcast.com, HollywoodIndustry.com, DCC Designer.com, DigitalProSound.com, ProAudioNet.com, DigitalDTP.com and DCCWorkstation.com.

Harold Russell -- Executive Producer, digitalanimators.com, millimeter.com
Harold has more than 25 years extensive experience in the areas of audio, video and print media. As a facility owner since the mid ‘70s, he has donned the airways with a deluge of media in different formats. Animation became so much of his life that he still hunts for the render button in every application (even Word). Fifteen of his best years were spent in the recording studio as an unaccomplished musician/producer. During a long and painful stint as a programmer, Harold has written applications ranging from non-linear editors and automated digital audio mixing systems, to 3D/Fx’s plug-ins to machine control and MIDI sequencing/editing applications. He just recently finished his tenure in corporate America as Director of Product Development at NewTek, Inc. and as Director of Product Marketing at Play, Inc. As an Executive Producer, Harold oversees one of Digital Media Net's site clusters, including the following sites: DigitalVideoEditing.com, DVFormat.com, DigitalPostProduction.com, BroadcastEngineering.com, WBEOnline.com, HDTVBuyer.com, DTVBuyer.com and DigitalFacility.com.

Gene Smarte -- Executive Producer, digitalcad.com, AECnewsroom.com
Gene comes to DigitalMediaNet.com with more than 21 years of computer and technical publishing experience and over four specifically in the CAD market. During his career, he served as Managing Editor, Technical Editor and Senior Editor for BYTE magazine and Contributing Editor for PC World. During his time at Advanstar Communications, Gene was Editor-in-Chief of PC Graphics & Video and CADALYST magazines, and was heavily involved in the publications’ online activities. His most recent position was Senior Project Manager of Advanstar Technology Communities.
As an Executive Producer, Gene oversees one of Digital Media Net's site clusters, including the following sites: BERadio.com, AnimationArtist.com, CreativeLinux.com, DigitalGameDeveloper.com, DigitalProducer.com, NABNewsroom.com, IBCNews.com and SiggraphNews.com.

John Virata -- Senior Producer, digitalproducer.com
Prior to coming to Digital Media OnLine, John served as managing editor of Advanstar Communications’ DCC Magazine. Prior to that he served as managing editor of Advanstar’s Digital Studio (NT Studio) and PC Graphics & Video magazines, and associate editor of NewTekniques. He began his career in professional publishing at Micro Publishing News (Cygnus Publishing). While at Micro Publishing, he helped to launch Digital Imaging Magazine. John’s first computer-related news story was printed in 1990. He wrote about a Local Area Network installation at California State University, Long Beach, where his beat included the computer science department. He began his publishing career at age 19 with a human interest story that appeared in the Orange County Register. In addition to the Orange County Register, John’s writing has been published in the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Times Magazine. John earned a B.A. in Journalism from California State University, Long Beach with a special focus on Asian studies. He also spent a year in the Philippines learning about the Philippine free press—post Marcos years.


Rod Ammons -- Producer, digitalpostproduction.com and hdtvbuyer.com
Rod has been in the entertainment business for over 15 years. He has provided services to the industry from music artist manager of Imac Entertainment to film and video producer for NuWest Pictures and Media One. His work has been viewed on BET, CNN, Comedy Central, The Discovery Channel, ESPN2, The Family Channel, Galavision, Headline News, Lifetime, MTV, TNN, VH1, KWHY and others. He is experienced in film, television, pre-production, hands-on production and post-production, multimedia, internet development and graphic arts. His specialty is transforming imagination into practical concepts.

Jeff (J.V.) Bolkan -- Producer, digitalcad.com and digitaldtp.com
Jeff has been writing in the computer and technology markets for more than 15 years. Prior to joining Digital Media OnLine, Jeff ran a freelance writing and editing business, Bolkan-Nelson Media Services, which produced and published several hundred articles, reviews, and feature stories in publications such as CADalyst, PC Games, 3D Magazine, DCC Magazine, Digital Studio, PC Graphics & Video, and Video Store. Jeff was a founding editor on PC Graphics & Video and NT Studio magazines.

Michael Carney -- Producer, creativelinux.com and digitalgamedeveloper.com
Michael has broad experience in both web and graphic design, from scholastic website resources to CAD/CAM applications in the sign-making industry. Michael’s duties at Digital Media Online include the creation and manipulation of web graphics, writing, and general web site maintenance. He recently spent 10 months in Germany as a freelance web designer and currently writes a weekly web-based humor column, at http://www.metazai.cjb.net.

Craig Caston
-- Producer, beradio.com and wbeonline.com

Jacqui Dawson
-- Producer, dccworkstation.com and dccdesigner.com
With extensive professional experience as an art director, designer, and illustrator, Jacqui Dawson brings a strong user perspective and editorial skills to dccworkstation.com and dccdesigner.com. As a designer, Jacqui's most recent project was the forthcoming redesign of POST Magazine. She has also served as Art Director of CD-ROM Multimedia Magazine, Digital Studio Magazine, and was Senior Editor of PC Graphics & Video Magazine.

Jon Alain Guzik – Producer, digitalfacility.com and hollywoodindustry.com
Jon has been working in and around the industry in a various capacities for a longer time then he’d like to remember. Aside from spending time in film and commercial production, he has also written for various websites and magazines on subjects ranging from music to Urkel. He also attended CalArts and has an M.F.A.s in both Critical Studies and Integrated Media. What he really wants to do is Direct.

Denise Harrison
-- Producer, presentationmaster.com
Denise has been a feature articles writer since the 1980s, writing for a number of print and online publications. Her focus has mostly been technology and business to business, but she has written for a number of consumer magazines as well. Denise, who has an M.A. in Journalism, has been involved with online projects since their early days, as an online community manager, a proprietary online systems consultant, an HTML coder in the pre-authoring days, and a writing instructor.

Don Lee -- Senior Technical Producer, dtvbuyer.com, dvdcreation.com, creativemac.com, wwug.com, dvda.org
Don has held numerous positions in the technology field. He is originally from New Jersey where he operated his own web design studio (Dreamscape Studios) and served as webmaster for various music based websites. He's also a former network administrator and has managed corporate networks.

JD Mars -- Producer, digitalprosound.com, proaudio.net
As the chief engineer of Duplex Sound in NYC, JD Mars got his audio engineering chops together working with such artists as Deodato, Roberta Flack, and Chaka Khan. JD moved to Los Angeles in 1997, doing freelance engineering and teaching audio recording, and spent the last two years working for Midiman/M Audio as head technical writer and technical support manager.

Kristi Munns
-- Producer, aecnewsroom.com, siggraphnews.com, IBCNews.com

Stephen Schleicher -- Producer, videosystems.com, digitalwebcast.com
Stephen has crossed the country over the last 6 years, going from Kansas to Georgia and now California. Prior to joining Digital Media Online, Stephen ran his own freelance animation business (Thunderhead Productions) providing content for clients in and around Atlanta. As Operations Manager of the Media Production Department of The American InterContinental University in Atlanta, GA, Stephen installed and built out an entire video facility from the ground up. In addition to having a strong traditional and interactive video production background, Stephen has shared his tremendous technical and production knowledge as an instructor at Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas and AIU in Atlanta.

Charlie White -- Producer, digitalvideoediting.com, dvformat.com, broadcastengineering.com
An Emmy Award-winning executive producer with Milwaukee Public Television (Channel 10), Charlie is also a highly respected writer and reviewer in the digital media business. Among the publications he has contributed to are DCC Magazine, Digital Magic, Video Systems, DV Magazine, and PC Graphics & Video. He is an experienced video editor, with hands-on knowledge of most professional editing systems.

Jennifer Champagne -- Reporter
Jennifer A. Champagne is the cofounder and vfx producer at Max Ink Cafe, LLC (www.MaxInkCafe.com) a boutique animation and fx house in Venice, CA. Max Ink Cafe, LLC is currently wrapping up post production on their short film "Only Hope" (www.PrometheusPictures.com) and doing 42 film resolution shots for the Concorde New-Horizons feature film Nightfall.


Marek Minecki -- Creative Director/Producer
Marek has a traditional design and fine arts background, with a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Art in Poland. He has over 20 years' experience in digital media creation, including electronic publishing, illustration, animation and video editing. He is in charge of design for Digital Media Online.

Donna Pribyl -- Senior Graphic Designer

Pamela Rutherford -- Senior Graphic Designer
Pam has an animation and photography background, with a Bachelors of Fine Art Degree in Computer Animation from The Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, FL. Prior to joining Digital Media Online, Pamela owned and operated a web design/3D animation house in Tucson, AZ (Prairie Production, Inc.), providing services for clients all over the U.S. Her projects have been exhibited at SIGGRAPH and art festivals around the world.

Dion Ross -- Graphic Designer/Web Designer
Dion has a traditional art and design background, with a Bachelors of Art Degree in art with a focus in graphics design from the CSU San Bernardino. Since graduation he has been involved with companies in the magazine, printing and advertising industries, from the design and layout aspect to production and pre-press. He has also developed multiple design concepts for websites.


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